Sunday, October 4, 2009

2009 24hhh

One week ago today I was enjoying the autumnal temperatures of a quiet evening at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. The rock, healing, after it's beating by worn hands and Stealth rubber for the last 24 hours solid; the chalk dust still settling- debris of a painful one-day war with gravity.

Now, 37 gigabytes of pixelicious images later I bring my gallery of the (Offical Website) 2009 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. As any previous year, I have mixed feelings with my outcome of capture. But as Andy Chasteen says every year, "This one was the best one yet." I'll just have to agree with the guy, I mean, did you see his hair cut. That's legit.

This year proved to be very special for it's own particular reasons: from the fatigued dead points captured in 1/4000th of a second during the pristine sun drenched daytime, to watching time slow into star trails. Her majesty, the night sky, romantically danced above sandstone walls during 25 minute exposures embraced among the crystal twinkling eyes and kisses from lips of the chilled night. I enjoyed it as if it was a dream, struggling for control and only hoping to remember all that has happened before I have to wake up and return to life.

I felt the fight between the desire for it to last forever, and the want for it to end. And now that it is over? I can only dream about going back, wondering how I could ever want the event to untie it's knots and coil up for another year. I can only dream as I scroll through images of tenuous positions, vivid smiles, and blurred movement. I can only dream of going back to the rock, the chime of hardware and the flip of my shutter trying in desperation to capture all that is Hell.



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Andrew said...

As always, very impressive! Im hopeing to attend this trashing sometime before i die. Is that Tommy Caldwell?